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1. What is First Klass ?

First Klass is a window film that is produced from world-class manufacturer whose aim to reject heat from sun. This window film is applicable for cars, houses, buildings and yachts.

2. What are the advantages of First Klass than other products ?

First Klass has the ability to reduce heat from the sun without reducing the amount of natural light entering the room. This gives the window a clear view and allows the room temperature to remain cool.

First Klass was invented to replace conventional window films that have one-way reflection. This one-way reflection is very dangerous especially for nighttime driving because it does not give drivers a clear view of the road.

First Klass also can also reduce the use of air-conditioning because it can keep the room cool.

3. Why is First Klass more costly than the other brand ?

First Klass window film is produced by combining nano particles serum on each layer of polyester surface produces first Klass. For this reason, First Klass window films are not comparable with the other products that are still using conventional technology. The content used and the process involved in producing First Klass window films are of the highest quality and price. To produce First Klass, it requires 15 optic coating and only a small percentage of polyester produced in this world can fulfill the specification standard production for First Klass.

First Klass can protect your furniture and car interior from discolor with 10 years warranty. This warranty is international tested and certified. Hence, First Klass has more valuable advantages that its price.

4. How to maintain First Klass after installation ?

Window cleaning can be done minimum 3 days after installation. Please note not to apply cleaning liquid that contains alcohol or other toxic chemical. You can just spray the window with soap water and wipe with soft and clean cloths.

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